Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Patrick Swayze has left this world and despite the jibes at his career and movies, there will be a lot of tears shed. For all those who joke about Ghost, Roadhouse and Dirty Dancing, there are equally as many who did enjoy watching. May he rest in peace.

Thursday, 3 September 2009


Just had to share this very short video. Make sure the sound is turned up LOL.

Police checks for IVF Couples

Amazing isn't it that the Victorian government has brought in laws that require police checks to be done all prospective parents via the IVF program. Apparently this law is to weed out potential child abusers. Those who have an serious sex offences, violent criminal pasts will not be allowed access to the IVF program.

There is no way you can police this effectively. One only has to see how many children are born into families and conceived naturally yet these parents are not forced to undergo police checks. Child abusers, sex offenders, those with violent histories come from all persuasions of life.

Sex offenders, habitual abusers and violent peoples have no business having children but to single out one group of people and subjecting them to this new piece of legislation is in a sense discriminatory when the average couple who do not require assistance with falling pregnant are not required to submit to police checks.

This law will only catch those who have been brought to the attention of the authorities. I would be more wary of those who go undetected throughout life and get away with what they do.