Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Bring back the Death Penalty

The following story is good enough reason to bring back the death penalty.... and us tax payers pay for animals like this to be kept inside a prison... read more

Saturday, 15 May 2010


I have only just come back to blogging after a long absence, for now this blog is closed and those that I have links with can find me here.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Diary of a Nun and a cute Ass...

A visual diary of what has been going on in the last 15 months. Some interesting and some no so especially the first photo. The result of a fight with an industrial fan. Needless to say one does not take the covers off and leave them off any more.

This is Flying Fish Point after some heavy rains. I am not sure if you can notice that the sea is actually brown with all the mud and silt being stirred up. Great place for beach combing.

After being cooped up in the house during our monsoon season, a drive around our local area to get out and about, we stopped at Paronella Park. The falls were raging and no I did not venture out onto the swinging bridge this time. A beautiful Spanish castle amongst the rain forest and very close to where I live.

This little critter found his way into our bathroom. Only noticed he was there due to the croaking sound which was quite loud. He was brown and had these greenish lumps all over his skin. I have never seen a frog such as this before and was quite happy for one of the boys to remove him as frogs are not my favorite things.

Here is the cutest ass you will ever see. I got this photo in an email but had to add it simply because it is cute, no other reason.

My favorite dish of Asian salad and lamb chops mmmm then polished off a simple lemon cheesecake. Remember the old saying, a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. Oh well life is tough sometimes and I had no hesitation in accepting the above two dishes.

Felix still likes to hang his tongue out like a dog, he spent many nights on my bed sleeping and annoying me over the past year but this lovable cat kept me company during some of the darkest days and no matter what he does, including tearing up foam boxes creating an extraordinary mess... he will always be special to me.

Last year in the spirit of Halloween, these fake vampire teeth had the boys howling with laughter and also myself. The only time you will see me wearing black lipstick. Can't wait until next year to do something again, although my effort was very simple it was still a lot of fun.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Don't drink straight from the Tap!!

A whole new meaning to being on the p*ss.

Birds of a Feather

Over the past 15 months I have been offline mostly busy with other things. Many days were spent at Etty Bay where quite often a daddy cassowary would come along with chick in tow. These birds are on the endangered list here in North Queensland and you are very lucky to see them. There is reportedly only about 1400 of these birds left. National Parks tell us not to feed them as it makes them dependant on humans for food supplies.

These two birds were very cheeky and showed no fear in approaching us to seek out tidbits to eat. They came right up close to the table and one was seen taking a loaf of bread from the table next to us. One day it was rather hot and humid, the chick came by himself and he was panting like a dog. With no bucket in the car , the only thing I could think of to supply him with water was a school lunch box. Once filled with water the chick started lapping it up like a little puppy. We still see the big old daddy cassowary but the little chick has not been sighted by us for months.

After a walk in the local park we were accosted by the geese who inhabit the park looking for a feed of bread. They will chase you if they see that one has bread in the hands and are extremely noisy. It was exciting to arrive there one day and see some ducklings that had been hatched within the park grounds.

Here is Herbert the peacock who was a daily visitor to my back yard for many months. He disappeared for a while and recently he came back. I have only managed to see him with his tail feathers up a few times and it is an impressive sight. At the moment he has lost his tail feathers and new ones are now growing back. Herbert looks forward to a daily feed of bread and he loves cat biscuits, a rattle of the box and calling his name, he comes running. The other day he came inside the house which was a surprise in itself but the calling card he left wasn't so nice to clean up.

Saturday, 1 May 2010


Smoking is a disgusting habit to have, an expensive one to maintain. Here in Australia it is now going to cost those who partake in a ciggie several more dollars per packet. Kevin Rudd says by increasing the cost of cigarettes by $2 per packet, and changing the labelling will help consumers to curb the habit. Crap. We aren't going to smoke the packet only the ciggies inside. Who gives a toss what the outside looks like. As for the cost rising , PallMall 30s went from $10-99 per packet to $15 at Coles supermarket where I live. Isn't that more than the said two dollars or am I not just one of the vermin smokers, but also illiterate as well?

It is being said that these new taxes will help pay for Mr Rudd's proposed health reform.

Not all smoking people are inconsiderate. Not all smell like an ashtray.
This post is not about me but as I am a smoker myself I get pissed off when people bunch all smokers in the same basket. I have rights and I also respect the rights of others around me. You wont find me walking around in the streets puffing away, blowing smoke in others faces. I do not throw my butts on the ground or in waterways. I do not even smoke in my car when my children are in there, not only is it bad for their health to inhale secondary smoke but also illegal here in Queensland. If you are caught driving a car , smoking with children under the age of 16 in with you, you will incur a fine over $230. Many smokers are aware of the dangers of smoking, we aren't all brain dead morons who do not know the risks we take every time we light up.

Images like the one above does nothing to deter people from smoking, we aren't little children. It makes me take pride in the fact my teeth are not in that condition.

While we are at it, why not impose super taxes on alcohol again. Yes smoking creates a lot of health problems but so does alcohol. For those of us who do smoke, these taxes are taking away our basic human rights. Ban cigarettes, ban alcohol, ban V8 motor cars, make it illegal to sunbathe where one may get melanoma...we all know the risks of sunbathing, we still do it yet people are still dying from skin cancers. Geez lets ban sex!! Contracting STI's causes health problems, same thing, we know the risks yet these diseases are still presenting in our educated human society. This all sounds ridiculous because it is!

So Mr Rudd your Labor party policy of upping taxes on smokes will do stuff all to curb the habits of millions. You're just a greedy little bastard, why don't ALL politicians take a pay cut to fund the health reforms, after all it's you guys who give us constant anxieties and stress related illnesses which require medical attention at times, over the policies you put forth on a weekly basis.
And to think I once thought the sun shone out of the Labor Party's ass, with Kevin Rudd and Anna Bligh in the top jobs, who needs enemies.

Monday, 4 January 2010


Brilliant one day, perfect the next. The motto of Queensland. What a joke. We not only have a head of state who deems it necessary to sell off our assets to cover the huge debt incurred by mismanagement and the global financial status. This government is also in charge of several departments who are more bumbling that Abbott and Costello.

Crime pays in Queensland. Paedophiles haven. Spastic legislation allows so many events to allow not only crimes against children but punishes those who try and protect their children.

Innisfail police are a joke. They say they have to act according to current legislation. Change the legislation!!

I woke one night, asleep on my lounge and an unidentified male was holding me down by the legs, licking the inside of my knee. When I screamed the male ran off out the front door. Police arrived along with a detective an hour later. The evidence of a dropped tobacco bag by the offender was bagged and taken away. I phoned the detective to ask what was happening with the investigation and he told me that the tobacco was lost, could not be found and he didn't really believe my story as things like this didn't happen in our town. A few weeks later, a corner store was held up at gun point. Now I wonder if he really believed it happened. I am extremely disillusioned by the lack of support for what is right in this god forsaken town and state.

How is it that a man of 53 can approach girls underage, question them about the color of their pubic hair matching the color of hair on their heads, tell them on several occasions how much he would like to "suck their tits", "fuck them" and "lick them "...the very same man who hangs his penis out in front of these girls and urinates. A complaint was made to police and child protective services on more than one occasion over a period of 8 weeks. Nothing happened. I am not surprised. Confronting this sick individual and he freely admits he does it "cos I am sick". Yet this man walks free and has no retribution, the person confronting the paedo is then deemed the aggressor and warned. No warning or investigation given to the old man.

A male of 23 and one of 19 are supplying pot, cigarettes, alcohol and engaging in sexual activity with girls under age. These individuals are taking the child's money, and lets face it , they are young adults but still children. They threaten to bash one of the underage girls. Many complaints are made about these pair and when it comes to the point of asking for a keycard that belongs to one of the girls, they admit they have knowledge of such a keycard , the police come and once again the young males get away with it. Being told that you can be arrested for threatening behavior,( no weapons used, asking for property to be returned which don't belong to them) whilst these little bastards can get away with what they like. Many complaints have been made in both instances, and yet we see this kind of crap being tolerated.

Shall I continue? A person who has been issued with a blue card, a police check and clearance to enable them to work with and or around children. A child of 8 gets his arm pushed through a glass window and the forearm is gashed, ambulance called. Action??NONE, IT was an accident according to the adult male. The same adult grabs a child of 11 by the shirt and throws him up against a wall, grabs the child by the feet and drags him up the hallway on carpet. He turns around in a childish fashion and calls a different child , a fat fucker. Four children including the two mentioned are told they are nothing but dogs. Has already been mentioned to me that the adult must of been provoked. Come on, if any parent was to do this to a child you can bet your life on it that you would be before a court in no time . Action? to be seen.

You dare to stand up and protect your underage child here in Queensland and you will find yourself on the wrong end of the law. Yet it is also a sad ass state when it takes one phone call as was explained to me by a department manager, in the eyes of the law you are innocent until proven guilty but where child protective services are involved you are GUILTY. This manager also said they err on the side of caution. Pfft sure they do. If one thinks they have local politicians who can help, think again. Curtis Pitt can't even talk to you unless it means he gets his photo in the paper. Not that he has done much but got voted into office on his predecessor's coat tails..his father Warren Pitt. Several emails and phone calls later to the premiers office, Curtis Pitts office, Barnaby Joyce's office, and the office of Jack Dempsey resulted in the buck being passed. Not one of these elected officials would help with same old bullshit excuses, not their department or they were too busy.

The day Queensland has an election we can only hope we purge ourselves of the likes of Anna Bligh, the labor party government and all the crappy, self serving legislation that it has in place, along with the fat cats who sit back and take home a big fat pay with benefits and a cushy superannuation to look forward to.
For purposes of this post, the Queensland people are the matador and the government is the bull.... same effect, you will get it sharply up the ass by the man at the top.

No wonder criminals love Queensland. The laws are designed to enable them to partake in criminal activity and if you dare to stand up and question the Queensland authority, trust this, they will find someway of making you pay. Queensland is a beautiful state, however the governing body, some of the police force (not all), the media hungry politicians, all make Queensland nothing but a Nazi state. You would be better off sitting on the rough end of a pineapple than to try and live in Queensland, the former being more comfortable.