Tuesday, 19 June 2007

In our modern times , we credit ourselves with providing the best education for birth control and unwanted pregnancies. Its amazing the number of teens and young women who find themselves pregnant and use all types of excuses, "oh i was on the pill", and the best 1 i have heard is, " dont know how it happend". Then we have the Golden Carrot being dangled by the government, a lump sum payment of 5 thousand dollars for the birth of every newborn. Year after year we see young women producing more children , I know of 1 female who is 22, and single, has 5 children and is pregnant with her 6th! These children are from different sperm donors. I use the terminology of sperm donor as there is no stability here, no responsibillity shown by the mother to provide these children with what every child has the right to know and experience, a father. I get sick and tired of hearing about men who get a girl pregnant and then run off. If the female is not sure the guy is going to practise safe sex then it is up to her to ensure a pregnancy does not occur. The percentage of pregnancies that can occur through failure of contraception doesnt compare to the rapidly rising birth rate among women who are single. Women need to take responsibility themselves and stop using men as sperm donors and the government as their weekly pay packet. More importantly, its the children who miss out, no amount of money , food, great toys or clothing can compensate for what kids need more, a mother and father who can positively parent their offspring.

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