Tuesday, 27 November 2007


I only had you for a few years out of the first 10 years of my life. Remembering so clearly

your laugh , the cheeky smile, forever the prankster. Sitting at the drive-in watching Born

Free, the shiny black shoes and handbag you gave me, my first taste of KFC, the enormous

pavlova adorned with whipped cream and strawberries that you made, you introducing me

to silly string; and how i fell in love with that and to this day the child within emerges

whenever i see a can. The happiest days was spent with you and you gave all of your time

and attention and nothing was too much trouble so that I not only knew you loved me but

felt it as well. Thirty two years after you went to live with the angels, I am still Daddy's

little girl. Dad, I miss you and I will always Love you .



LordSomber said...

To My Father

When in the quiet house I sat alone,
Sometimes I heard your footfall drawing near;
And with a thrill of gladness open wide
I flung my door to bid you welcome, dear.
Sometimes you did not even speak to me,
But left me quickly when our eyes had met
And you had kissed me—ah, how tenderly!
Light were the tasks the busy day had set;
I had grown braver for the sight of you;
Out of your sight I was not left alone.
A thousand times across the land and sea
Your loving thoughts straight to my heart have flown,
Returned from that far country of the stars.
Again you find me in the quiet room,—
Your angelhood has lent your love fleet wings
To make the journey through the evening's gloom.
How can I miss you, though the days are long
And dark with sorrow since I saw you die,
Though like a dream my changed life seems to me,
With all its pleasures stolen suddenly?
Who is so alive as he the world calls dead!
What heart so loving as the heart that waits,
Not cold and still, but quick with tenderness!
No other hand will lead me through the gates.
Your great sweet love is ever close to me
To bring me courage, and my soul to keep.
Heaven's peace you bring who ever brought me earth's,
And some fair day I too shall fall on sleep.

-- Sarah Orne Jewett, 1849-1909

Nunyaa said...

Ty :-)