Saturday, 16 August 2008

Why is this Funny??

A Northern Territory man applies to the courts for an domestic violence ( AVO) order against his former girlfriend stating that she threatened to cut his penis off and laughter can be heard around the court room.

How is it that with all the publicity given to domestic violence allegedly perpetrated by men met with disdain and contempt , yet when a man seeks protection from a woman who is alleged to hunt him down and cut off his penis is funny?

You can bet that if a woman was to be seated in front of the courts seeking an order and lets say hypothetically he threatened to cut off her breasts or knife her in the genitals, there would be no laughter heard and the law would be only too quick to grant the order.

I get sick and tired of hearing how bad women get it from men yet a man obviously feels threatened enough to take it to a court to protect himself, this particular man has to endure sniggers and laughter.

Often there are cases before courts where men are jailed for breaching domestic violence orders , yet it would be interesting to see how many women get jailed for doing the same. The sentences and orders should apply the same and gender not brought into it. If a woman threatens, abuses a man, let her cop the same punishment as a man, nothing less!!


Crushed said...

You're right it isn't funny.

People often use toyally different criteria in judging a woman abusing a man then when the other way round is the case.

It is hard for make victims to be taken seriously in any circumstances where their abuser is a woman.

Ginro said...

A friend of mine, who was totally non violent, used to get knocked about by his partner. One night he even had to call the police for help, and when they turned up they just laughed at him and went away.

Nunyaa said...

Yes, too often this happens and it is of no wonder that men don't seek help. We see the massive campaigns for violence against women, but hardly anything for what men have to put up with by women.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Equal rights should work both ways.