Thursday, 19 March 2009

Modern Prostitution

Nadya Suleman the mother of 14 children is nothing more than an opportunist. A greedy selfish woman who went ahead and had multiple children with no thought to the lives of the babies.
With two of the babies coming home from hospital, paparazzi and onlookers gathered. Big deal. Her claim to fame is having 8 babies from one pregnancy. She should be more ashamed of bringing these babies into the world in the manner she did. On camera complaining about the rush of publicity, Nadya is exactly where she wants to be. In the spotlight.
The only reason she has a new home and nice surroundings for herself and her 14 offspring , she prostituted her story and her life. Nothing but disgust for a person who deliberately brings children into this world without a father and the doctor who allowed this to happen needs de-registering.
I don't feel sorry for the mother, the children are the ones who will ultimately suffer for the wants of the mother.

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