Wednesday, 10 October 2007

The Moors "uneducated" view.

I have just finished watching a documentary on The Moors Murders in England. There is tears and sadness that two individuals raped, tortured and killed those children, the show gave some details about what happened to them. It is beyond me how anyone could do the disgusting things they did let alone aid another in comitting the abhorant crimes. One now elderly mother awaits for the discovery of her little boys body so she can finally lay him to rest. Every year she places flowers on the fence line and over looks the vastness of the moors wondering where her child lies crudely buried. Myra Hindley at first claimed innocence then to further her chances of gaining release years later she made full admissions of what part she played in the murders. Forensic psycholgists and criminologist have presented studies that say she was under a profound influence of Ian Brady. Myra Hindley was not kept prisoner or tortured into partaking the killing of innocents. She chose the path she walked, be it misguided or not but still her choice. Two words to describe her sorry ass, Pure Evil ! R.I.P Keith Bennett, and may Angels watch over your mother.

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