Monday, 29 October 2007

To go Back in Time

Tick tock, tick tock, her eyes glance to see

the hands of time move closer, that time has come,

heavy footsteps upon the porch, pulses race

heart beating faster, a smile so bright,

he walks through the door. A sense of peace.

Closing the door, shut out the world,

leaving the gremlins of work behind.

They share a laugh, see beauty in all,

a small pink flower to fluffy

white clouds, ache so deep at what

is unfair.

Looking out across the ocean blue

A rainbow of color, prisms of light

to carry thoughts and dreams ,

and the power of reality sets in...

Tick tock, tick tock the dream of

turning back 20 years is lost........


Beaman said...

This is a very powerful piece. I like it a lot. :) Reminds me a little of a Villanelle with the repetition of the tick-tock at the beginning and at the end.

"a small pink flower to fluffy white clouds"

Wonderful imagery!

CAT said...

I want to go back in time, I like how you wake me up at the end of the piece.

Nunyaa said...

Thank you both :-)

Beamer said...

That is nice. I love the flow of the piece and the rhythm. GREAT!

Thanks for sharing.


Scott said...

This is very nice. It was exactly like an old memory, refreshing--then the sad call back to the fact that the memory is of a time long gone.