Monday, 8 December 2008

To be OR not To be Educated..

Time and time again you hear people say that being educated in the sense of going to a university or college matters nothing. I think it don't matter either but it is glaringly obvious as to how one gets treated if the difference is there. I kinda get pissed off when I feel people patronise me. I may not have a degree or diploma but I know bullshit a mile off when I see it. Don't pat me on the head and say there, now. I follow gut instincts and am fair to say those instincts are rarely off the mark. I don't surround myself with fellow people who are part of an in crowd, I have no need to boost my standing in life in any way, shape or form. The dictionary is an interesting book, lots can be learned from it, but if I have to converse with half the vocabulary from the book of many words and meanings to be thought worthy then go find your entertainment elsewhere.
As this post originally started out about the differences in how people interact and treat others according to education standards, today I received an email telling me that the Holocaust is being removed from the UK schools curriculum as it offends the Muslims who apparently believe this travesty and waste of human lives never existed. I could not find anything, anyone out there shed any light on this or is it just rumor mongering at its best?


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean!
My degree is from the school of hard
Have a good day.

Ginro said...

It's a rumour that was started but swiftly gained ground, due to certain teachers pandering to muslims students etc. Teaching standards had recommended that emotive subjects could be avoided if the teacher felt such a situation warranted it, hence the rumours. But nowhere was it stated that teachers should deliberately avoid the holocaust, nor even pretend it never happened. Unfortunately, holocaust denial is a very common feature of muslim countries.

Crushed said...

Ultimately Nunyaa, I have to say fair play to you for saying this.

I live in a country where Public school education still counts for somehing, but I have yet to meet anyone public school educated who wasn't a total prick.
They might force feed them knowledge, but that makes them grow fat on self-righteous arrogance.

Real intelligence is in the head already.

You go girl!

CherryPie said...

Here is a news link to the rumour.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Good for you, nunyaa. I do believe in following your instincts. I think Ginro and cherry have given you the answer but things like this do happen in the uk.

jmb said...

Since we have been involved with university education all our lives I obviously can't agree with you Nunyaa. But intelligence and education don't always go hand in hand and there are many so called uneducated people (in the sense of formal education) who are extremely intelligent and often times self educated.
On the other hand to treat someone poorly or look down on them because they lack a formal education is the height of rudeness. I'm sorry if you had to endure that experience Nunyaa. That was not a nice person, however many degrees he/she had. We are all ignorant in many ways, no matter how expert we are in one field.

jams o donnell said...

I agree with jmb. Intelligence and education do not always go together

Bobby said...

The world is filled with educated idiots as my mother often said, but to me, education--real education, or life education--is self taught. I went to college, but I changed majors 20 times and never got a degree, but I have been harshly judged by family and friends. I have a good life, but I'm not rich. I am a self-taught writer who dreams of getting a contract with a major publisher, and I will continue working towards that--but a degree will not help me get there, it's something I must do by being the best I can.

I never look down on--or overly up to anyone, regardless of education, gender, race or anything else. I understand your view on this. It is something that has long bothered me and broken my heart many times.