Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Diary of a Nun and a cute Ass...

A visual diary of what has been going on in the last 15 months. Some interesting and some no so especially the first photo. The result of a fight with an industrial fan. Needless to say one does not take the covers off and leave them off any more.

This is Flying Fish Point after some heavy rains. I am not sure if you can notice that the sea is actually brown with all the mud and silt being stirred up. Great place for beach combing.

After being cooped up in the house during our monsoon season, a drive around our local area to get out and about, we stopped at Paronella Park. The falls were raging and no I did not venture out onto the swinging bridge this time. A beautiful Spanish castle amongst the rain forest and very close to where I live.

This little critter found his way into our bathroom. Only noticed he was there due to the croaking sound which was quite loud. He was brown and had these greenish lumps all over his skin. I have never seen a frog such as this before and was quite happy for one of the boys to remove him as frogs are not my favorite things.

Here is the cutest ass you will ever see. I got this photo in an email but had to add it simply because it is cute, no other reason.

My favorite dish of Asian salad and lamb chops mmmm then polished off a simple lemon cheesecake. Remember the old saying, a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. Oh well life is tough sometimes and I had no hesitation in accepting the above two dishes.

Felix still likes to hang his tongue out like a dog, he spent many nights on my bed sleeping and annoying me over the past year but this lovable cat kept me company during some of the darkest days and no matter what he does, including tearing up foam boxes creating an extraordinary mess... he will always be special to me.

Last year in the spirit of Halloween, these fake vampire teeth had the boys howling with laughter and also myself. The only time you will see me wearing black lipstick. Can't wait until next year to do something again, although my effort was very simple it was still a lot of fun.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Is that your hand? Bless your little heart. Take care of it.
I love that little donkey. He is almost as cute as Jack.
The ocean is still pretty even brown. I have always loved ocean sounds and air.

I bet the boys love seeing that frog and the vampire teeth.

Take care of yourself.
Have a great day.

Nunyaa said...

Yes I done that about 8 weeks ago, it sure didn't tickle. Funny though, the doctor was an American from Illinois.
That donkey is cute but NEVER as cute and impressive as Jack.
Yes I find the beach a place to clear my mind and let it wander with the ocean. I often sit at this beach and look out across the water thinking, the States are just over there.
The boys love the frogs. Noah rescues all the baby ones so Felix don't eat them.
You have a great day also Pam, hi to Farm Man, take care :)

CherryPie said...

Oh dear you hand looks so painful. I love that pic of you dressing up :-)

jams o donnell said...

Jesus Nunyaa that injury looks grim but the donkey is cute and Felix is an utter sweetie!

James Higham said...

It's a different world up your way - monsoon season?

Anonymous said...

I think you ate the donkey as chops. I would. I like cats - I miss having a pet. Even those I might eat...

Crushed said...

That looks like a nasty wound.

Made me wince a touch, actually. Also, I'm afraid I wouldn't have been able to resist picking at it.


I LOVE donkies. We nearly sold our farm to a womana who wanted o use it for a donkey sanctuary,to rescue abused seeaside donkies. We even gave her a big discount,but sadly she could not come up with the funding.

Is that your hand that is mangled?

Nunyaa said...

Yes it was my hand. Another collection to the war wounds I have.