Friday, 26 September 2008

When Abortion is Necessary

How sad in more ways than one when a 12 year old with the intellect of a 6 year old is presented to the courts for a termination of pregnancy. The young girl is 18 weeks pregnant and according to psychiatrists who examined her, she basically has no real idea of what is going to happen when she has the abortion and that the pregnancy poses more risks than normal, being a detriment to her mental well being. Yes children do experiment with sex, some very young..that is nothing new. A child of 12, whether they are intellectually impaired or not, has no business being pregnant in the first place. Of course it will be easy to say that the male involved should of known better or taken precautions as you could hardly expect a young girl in her position to be responsible. What is being said about the father of the unborn child is that his where abouts are somewhere in the state. Is he intellectually impaired as is the girl? Is he also not in a position to be responsible towards contraception? Is he a male who simply took advantage of the situation at hand, who knows ? A judge in the Queensland court has granted doctors the rights to administer Misoprostol which will eventually cause the expulsion of the fetus. This is one case where there can be no option other than abortion but what a hell of a situation to have in the first place.

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