Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Hooray, am finally back! What a nightmare last week and a half. With all the whining and bitching I done over the computer, it finally died and a new hard drive has had to be installed. Wish I had of got this new system before I ok'd the repairs. I miss the dinosaur...am not used to this new system with buttons and knobs on a fancy keyboard...lots of cursing am so glad you all can't hear me. Then to make it worse, this silly vista shyte is a real pain in the arse. I want XP back!!

Lots been happening, my poor baby Felix got poisoned with an organo phosphate, and it was traced back to , can you believe this, hair treatment for head lice. Felix likes to lick and he innocently licked the kids pillow and lo and behold got himself a dose that caused frothing at the mouth, constant fitting, was not a pretty site. Many dollars later in vets fees, a few tears, well lots actually, he is home but he is not the same. After a week, he is still suffering the effects of the poison but he is off on another jaunt tomorrow for a check up to see what if any permanent damage he has.

Life can't get much more frustrating, and all good things do come to those who wait.....H E L L O , I am waiting. I finally have my house back to myself. I miss my music that I had stored on my system so its going to be a long process re-installing it all again. All my photos are gone, am lucky most of them were also stored in emals. Yes I have missed blogs and am glad to be back . Can't promise what I am going to write about over the next few days.

I had a laugh today when in the bottle shop drive through, the attendant sported this hair style, now can you picture yourselves fronting up to work with such a stylish hairdo?? I secretly bet my hobby farm consultant would love it.

Am off on a tour of blogs, thank you to those who emailed me enquiring, your thoughts are appreciated and most welcome.

P.S...Can someone tell me how to get this retched Norton off my system, got to travel to Z, back to B, then onto F, and around to M , bet it was all designed by a man too !


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! You have been missed.
I still have XP so I can't be any help on the Vista. I am sure in a few days you will be an expert at it.
Poor Felix. I hope he is feeling better.
Hmmm, I was trying to think of something to say about that hairstyle. I guess no comment is a good one on that.lol..
Good to see you back.

LordSomber said...

Ha -- that guy reminds me of Foghorn Leghorn :)

Crushed said...

Welcome back :)

I'm not sure I could get away with such a hairdo..

I get tol my curls are too extravagent sometimes as it is...

CherryPie said...

Welcome back :-) I was thinking you must have been on your hols!

Vista, I struggled with it too. Way back I did a blog post on it LOL. Well you know I don't usually rant but...

I binned Norton too ;-) I like my new virus checker much better :-)

I hope Felix will be OK

Maybe I should try those bright colours on my hair. Rather depressingly large chunks of it are falling out at the mo!!!

jmb said...

Welcome back Nunyaa, I am sure you almost went crazy without us. :-)
One of the reasons I don't buy a new computer and instead put up with using an external keyboard for my laptop (don't ask!) is that I don't want to deal with Vista.

I hope poor Felix is OK, no permanent damage. What a disaster for the poor thing and you.

CalumCarr said...

Glad you're back.

We never realise just how important our pc is until we don't have it or it's not working properly.

Re Felix and his froth. Was it white and very stable? There is a resaon for asking and I'll say more depending on your answer.

Nunyaa said...

Thank you all, it was definitely a testing time. I discovered I have carpet on my bedroom floor lol. Calum, to be honest I didn't take that much notice of the froth so much, just rushed him into the car and off to the vets.
Am getting this vista thing sorted but still have to get rid of norton. Once again I do thank you all and Lordsomber, did Foghorn have patches of feathers missing? Lol

Ginro said...

Crushed's comment made me laugh. I got this sudden mental picture of him with a hairstyle like a chrysanthemum, lol.

Ginro said...

And have you got rid of Norton? If not, try Google-ing it as someone else is sure to have written instructions online.