Friday, 3 October 2008

Little Gordon

Isn't this just the cutest little boy, he looks almost angelic like. Yet, he has the mouth of a sewer rat and manners you would expect to find in the pub. If you care to have a look at this 41 second video, you will see how Little Gordon addresses his mother after she has made his lunch for school. While you are there have a quick peek at some of the comments.
Blindingraven (13 minutes ago) Show Hide
He's doing a Gordon Ramsey impersonation.
Get out of your fucking Cave and wake up the world.
He's not a brat, he's an actor - And a rather decent one for his age and the context.

totallybiannca (28 minutes ago)
hahahahaha funny stuff :P
he impersinates good.

neckroz123 (27 minutes ago)
if i was that little pricks father he would be IN the wall behind him and that sandwich would be shoved down his mouth HOLE! i cant believe people actually find this funny its a load of bullshit! that kid needs a good smack across the ass with a belt.

Myself I do not find this even mildly amusing. Yes he may be doing a take on Gordon Ramsey but he is STILL only a child. Kids have been seen swearing in movies and television shows for decades now and it might be just me but I find nothing funny about a 9 year old swearing his guts out and abusing his mother. You will hear children swearing in the playground and at home, even when they are out and about in public but I just can't see why people are laughing at this at all. For me, if they find this hilarious, says a lot about their standards. There are more videos showing him going off at the canteen ladies. All this is supposed to help educate the world about healthy eating habits and bad food services. Gordon Ramsey the older one, is an adult, am sure he would not be seen to swear like he does in front of children, his television shows are not meant for kids to view anyway. Am i just old fashioned and a stick in the mud or do others find this kind of thing acceptable?


Anonymous said...

No, it is not funny. Children do learn by example and adults need to remember that.
I am certainly no expert but I know that if a child finds attention at saying something, bad or good, he or she will keep doing it to get that attention.
I hope those commenters don't have children!

Nunyaa said...

I swear myself, however you wouldn't find me going off like this kid does, especially in front of kids. I have slipped the odd word out and in doing so, received a glare or knowing look from the boys. Time and place.

jams o donnell said...

On the other hand Gordon Ramsay's petulant behaviour would embarrass a 9 year old...