Friday, 3 October 2008

A load of Chicken Sh*t

This is nothing new, we have been using chicken shit for ages in pots and plants, being careful not to use too much as it can burn your plants. According to this, the use of chicken poop as a fertilizer is making a comeback with farmers as the costs of commercial fertilizers is rising. This is however not making happy campers with all....

An increased use of poultry litter as farm fertilizer can lead to high concentrations of phosphorus in surface run-off, potentially contaminating bodies of surface water, said Bill Hargrove, director of the Kansas Centre for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE).

Indeed, Oklahoma has sued poultry producers over what it says is an excess of chicken litter spread as fertilizer that is polluting the state's watershed.

The Poultry Community Council has argued that poultry litter is a valuable economic commodity for farmers and that any contamination of waterways is comparable to areas where the chicken waste is not used.

A federal judge on Monday rejected Oklahoma's request for an injunction against spreading chicken litter, though the lawsuit remains ongoing.

So if there is an abundance of pooper scoopers out there, get some of them unemployed dole bludgers off their ass and shovel shit, at least you are making an honest dollar.


James Higham said...

Let's put that in the new society we're building up at this moment - I just did the bit on the lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Chicken manure can burn plants if used uncomposted. It also can grow some wonderful vegetables, if used correctly.
I agree you would definetly earn your dollar scooping or shoveling it all day.