Monday, 13 October 2008


The Sometimes Meme is this weeks theme from Sunday Stealing.

Sometimes I just need: A hug .

Sometimes I want: To wake and know someone really does love me besides my children.

Sometimes I like to: know what is going on in my banker's head.

Sometimes all it takes: Is a little too much accelerator and before you know it police have got you again!!

Sometimes I picture: What you all look like naked.

Sometimes I wish: I had one chance.

Sometimes I find: no toilet paper on the roll at most inconvenient times.

Sometimes I take: great joy in learning new things.

Sometimes I look: like a witch at 6 am.

Sometimes I hate: myself for having a heart.

Sometimes it’s nice: to be told you are loved.

Sometimes it hurts: when you forget that a sliding glass door isn't open all the way and you run through it.

Sometimes it makes me happy: to see my children laughing and playing especially at the beach.

Sometimes it’s sad: to eat dinner alone at night, but then you only have to please yourself as to what you cook or don't.

Sometimes I listen: to the sounds of the rain falling on my roof at night to help me sleep.

Sometimes I sleep: with my arms and legs wrapped around my pillow.

Sometimes I like to watch: how people act around each other especially in town or at the traffic lights.

Sometimes I feel: all it takes is a smile and good manners, they are free.

Sometimes I rant: when the child molesters get off scott free.

Sometimes I never: take the skin off before eating sausages.

Sometimes I really: wish he could see and feel what I see and feel


jmb said...

You and Crushed in a competition Nunyaa. I'll give you both a gold star.

Crushed said...

Problem with eating alone is sometimes you can't be bothered to cook at all, so you don't. My eating pattern is atrocious.

Do you REALLY want to be picturing us all naked? In some cases, you might give yourself nightmares...