Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Hen Pecked Hubby

Today I sat with a group of people, chatting about anything and everything. I noticed one woman in particular liked to do most of the talking and that was fine, am happy to sit in the background and observe.
This woman Diane, was quite readily sharing how between her pension and her husbands there was a combined income of $9000 per month after taxes and bills. Wow...they must of worked hard and built a great retirement fund and kudos to them for that.
Various hobbies were brought up, fishing, gardening but the favorite of both was to head off to the casino and gamble. Well they worked hard and it's their money so why not if no one gets hurt.
What really made my ears prick up was when Diane started to whine about how her man had ordered home delivered chinese take out for her after a long day and she would stop doing things for him, as in her opinion he sat in his recliner too much. This all from a woman who admitted she would take out $300 from his wallet and leave him with $100...liked to use his money as well as her own to gamble away...but wait he wasn't allowed to do so, and when he did, Diane says it annoyed her.
My point to all this is, where do women like Diane get off thinking that it is acceptable to whine and bitch about your man, in front of anyone. I felt sorry for the husband. Why is it that women feel it is funny to ridicule their partner to others, complain incessantly...where is the respect?
Poor hubby may not be perfect but hell if I was a man and had a woman who thought it was her god given right to have it all, who took most of the money and laughed, then had a hissy fit because he ordered her chinese take out...complained if monies was spent doing same thing she did then I'd get rid of her real quick.
I know I am old fashioned in a lot of the ways I think but would rather old fashioned values than rudeness and sheer disrespect.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you totally!
Plus I think there is certainly more important things you can do with your money than gamble it away.
Good points.
Have a good day.