Tuesday, 6 January 2009


You really have to wonder if there are two different sets of laws in Queensland.

In this story , two parents are charged after their 2 month old baby swallows an ecstasy tablet. The young child was placed in an induced coma, then released back into the parents care the next day after they were released on bail.
Ok, fair enough they did not deliberately give the child the tablet. Now it is reported that it was a mix up with medications. The Department of Child Safety is investigating.

YET.... if you buy six cans of alcohol between a week to fortnight maximum, you are considered and alcoholic. If you write online, and spend many hours once doing so, you are too consumed with your own life.

If you dare to stand up and question authority, you can guarantee you will face a litany of untruths and innuendo and in Queensland, innuendo is everything. Innuendo is seen as LAW, innuendo is deemed as FACT. Forget the presumption of innocence, you are GUILTY before you get to court. Emotions are seen as weakness, dare not cry, be angry, you must smile at all times, even when staring in the face of twisted half truths. At any given time they can change the rules to suit themselves.

This department has a mantra where they state to keep families together. They are a law unto themselves. The power this government department has reaches far beyond a true democracy and who keeps an eye on them ?? No one. The Minister and Premier don't give a rats about the little people, as long as they hold office and are seen to be doing their jobs as elected by the people, they don't have to investigate proper complaints.

Amazing how a two month old child can accidentally swallow an ecstasy tablet!!

The need for child safety is paramount, the need to rid the department of Hitler type know alls is another.


The department director general, Norelle Deeth states..

"In making assessments such as these, the department consults with inter-agency professionals including police, pediatricians and other health experts.

"These professionals inform the department's assessment of the potential future risk of harm, taking into consideration the particular circumstances surrounding a matter.

"In cases such as these where families reside in other jurisdictions, the department will work closely with other relevant agencies to ensure the safety of the child and will provide support to the family."

As reported in the News bulletin on WIN tv tonight, it was also stated that the parents got the infant's colic medication mixed up with the ecstasy tablet. I have never heard of any medication in tablet form for a child under 6 months for colic. I know there are liquid medications available to treat such an ailment but who is more stupid here, the parents, the police or the department when a tablet can be mistaken for a colic remedy? Get real. The parents are now back in Victoria after intense media interest. Still, it is incredulous how the law is interpreted to whoever is in charge and at times, those who makes decisions do get it wrong and just because they hold the career position they do, does not mean they are right, for some,the power goes to their head and don't they just know it. It is a great pity no one can see that for all the good this Department of Child Safety does, they certainly do a lot of irreparable damage as well.
Check here and here again for more of the same stories , don't take my word for it, see for yourself exactly what is happening.


Anonymous said...

Just think where this world would be if no one stood up and questioned authority!
What is authority? A flesh and blood person who put their pants on the same way you did that same morning. Maybe not their shirt though. They have to have a button up one. The pull overs don't fit over their oversized heads. lol..

I agree, how can a 2 month old baby accidently swallow a pill?

Keep your head up.
Have a great day.

Crushed said...

I think these departments work much the same way as the office of the Witchfinder.

Don't expect logic, just stick to your guns and blast them open whenever you can.

They're most of them control freaks who deliberately set out to find a career where they'd have power withour responsibility.

jams o donnell said...

A chold accidentally swallowing ecstacy? Gah

CherryPie said...

That's awful!