Thursday, 31 July 2008


Am super frustrated whilst visiting blogs tonight. Some I have been able to leave comments on and others the dam comment thingy just isn't working. No matter how many times I tried the replies never appeared and after repeated attempts I gave it up as a bad joke.

I had my computer die on me earlier, just wouldn't start up. I came home to find a pale faced person with watery eyes already before even telling me what had occurred with my beloved pc. I gave myself a few grey hairs, had steam coming from the ears with nostrils flared when told of the computers demise. Although I am not a material person, my computer is one thing I value dearly along with my car. Am proud of the fact I made do and we went without to make it possible to even purchase the two.

The solution was to lift the top off the computer...more dust than the Outback of Australia. A spiders oasis with the few cobwebs seen in the corners. Who takes the cover off their computer and dusts its innards? Hmm well I will know for next time to do so regularly.

Then to really piss me off, the blog error started to happen. Think I need a chill pill and a good strong coffee.... longer hours of peaceful sleep wouldn't go astray. Anyways, how was your day?

Lucky for the person concerned that the computer is now up and running, if not they may have become a eunuch.

P.S.... Lets me leave a comment in post below, temperamental internet me the irrits.


CherryPie said...

I was having a problem commenting on Friday night. Blogger kept telling me to try again!

I am glad you were able to sort your PC out :-)

Colin Campbell said...

Don't you just hate technology. So much of it is outside our control. Useful but often annoying.

Calum said...

I've had lots of problems with typed comments not appearing despite clicking the "Publish button. What I tend to do now is to copy a comment to the clipboard before publishing. Then if any probs I paste back in.

jams o donnell said...

Gah that sort of thing happens all too often... I think Blogger is in cahoots with the makers of valium (and herbal teas for those that shun tranqs)

jmb said...

Well how is this for a blogger tale? I was accused by blogger of being a spam blog and locked out of posting for twenty four hours. I was frantic as they were threatening to delete my blog. I requested a review of the blog and posted on Blogger forums where I saw some terrible tales or woe.
Finally it came back up just before dinner tonight thank goodness.
Glad you got the computer going again.

Crushed said...

I think, Nunyaa, there are a lot of odd things happening online right now.

I notice a number of people saying they are having problems with blogger, or exceptional numbers of viruses.

Only last night someone I know couldn't log in to blogger on the first attempt, and my PC has quarantined two Trojans over the last week.