Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Legalised Murder or Justice?

Three inmates await imminent execution in Indonesia as punishment for their crimes in the Bali Bombings. After exhausting all legal manoeuvres excluding an appeal for clemency, the three could be shot at a moments notice.

The bombings in Bali killed 202 people and the enormity of the aftermath is unmistakable, they deserve to be punished for their crimes. The same way as drug mules face the death sentence if caught, these are well known laws in place. Whether or not you agree with the death penalty, if you break the law in countries where it is known that one of the punishments meted out can very well be execution, then you take that risk upon yourself with little or no regard to the laws governing that country.

I am not saying that the Bali Bombers do not deserve what's coming to them, but in the end what will it achieve? They will become martyrs for their cause. Saddam Hussein was a monster and the atrocities that he reigned over haven't ended with his hanging. I feel no sorrow that the previous mentioned will die for what they have done but I do feel for their families, just as I do for the families and loved ones left suffering by their evil despicable acts.

Heinous crimes, murders, rape, child molesters, those who torture and kidnap their victims, terrorists...do these warrant death? ONLY if the perpetrator has a genuine mental condition then LIFE behind bars be it prison or an institution, is where they need to be.

If you can take emotions out of the picture, these executions are nothing more than legalised murder. Then I find myself thinking that for those where there is absolutely no dispute over guilt, serves them right.

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Ginro said...

Might sound rather cruel and sadistic, but my feeling is that rather than the death penalty, a punishment should be meted out that makes the guilty wish they were dead instead. Then their punishment will be tortuous and fit the crime.