Sunday, 13 July 2008

Shock... Horror.....Our PM Swears!

A new book, Howard's End, written by Dr Peter van Onselen says that Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd swears!!
Just like myself, many Aussies will be mortified to find out that Kevin cuts loose with some profanity. The shock of the revelations. What are we as a Nation to do? How indeed can we continue to have a Prime Minister who conducts himself well in the public eye and is seen as a regular church goer?
This is too funny. The author must be kidding himself if he thinks that Australians care if the PM uses the "F" word and has a temper in private. What Dr van Onselen is describing is a vast majority of Australians.
We should be pleased that we have a Prime Minister who can control himself in public and not swear. Kevin Rudd doesn't profess to be a god fearing, non-swearing Christian. It shows us that he is a normal everyday person.
Another attempt by a Liberal crony (Onselen co-wrote ex Pm Howard's biography) to hopefully sway public opinion back to the the pitiful Opposition Leadership of Brendan Neilsen which has dwindling numbers of support.

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Colin Campbell said...

I fucking laughed and laughed at that one. Those guys think they have the fucking moral fucking high ground. They are just a bunch of fucking moralistic fuckers.

Warning: This blogger does not normally swear in comments. Very fucking sorry.