Saturday, 5 July 2008


When I think of Awards and Artists and what do they really mean, the whole process of who decides winners and then come the suck up speeches, I refer to Lordsomber's post, On artists and Awards....this post was done back in May 2006 but the meaning is still so prevalent today. Here is a sample and why I appreciate the words written, full post can be viewed at above link.

The stringpullers of stardom seem to think they have the last laugh, though they are fools just as much as our “winner” who waves his trophy in faux-triumph in the shallow spotlight. Mere awards are but belt notches on modern culture’s muffin-top waistline on any particular day. It takes time itself to know what art is timeless, and what will become canon.

So go forth, young artist. Be thoughtful. Be prolific. And when sidlers prod you to dilute your craft to impress backstage peers or to ham it up to the cheap seats, just think to yourself, “You can’t please everyone, so why should I?”
And then open your mouth and say, in the sage words of L.L. Carter onstage at the glitzy Coca-Cola Music Awards, “F### you.”


CherryPie said...

Always be true to yourself is what I say :-)

jams o donnell said...

I remember a quote about bands - they work their balls off to get a contract then cut them off to go platimun...