Sunday, 13 July 2008

Legova Ivanova...

In the words of Cyndi Lauper's song, Money: "money changes everything" applies to Ekaterina Ivanova, Ronnie Woods bit of fluff. All I could think was, eeeeeew, how gross!

This silly old man who is known to be an alcoholic has left his gorgeous wife for an 18 year old Russian trollop. What self respecting aged man would allow himself to be used by a young girl who is young enough to be his grand daughter? Of course he is doing what a lot of the old men that age group fantasise about...dalliances with a much younger female. Miss Ivanova obviously has no self respect either, for the life of Jesus, what can she be thinking wanting to wake up next to a deluded old fart with just about as many wrinkles as an elephants ass. The hair, he lucky to still have that much at his age but the style is as dated as rainbow toe socks. No surprises what the real motive would be, he is loaded with dosh. He is just deluded and acting like he is still 20 himself. Nothing like making a fool of yourself and the whole world laughs.


jmb said...

No kidding. No fool like an old fool Nunyaa. She would not look at him once, let alone twice, if he were not loaded with dosh.

Nunyaa said...

Exactly JMB, It's not about how old he is, or how many wrinkles he has but at Ronnie or anyone for that matter, who should ACT their age.

CherryPie said...

eeeeeew, how gross!

That about sums it up!

Nunyaa said...

but at Ronnie or anyone for that matter, who should ACT their age....should of read..

"but at Ronnie's age or anyone for that matter, they should ACT their age."

Ginro said...

ACT their age? Come on, be fair. How could I do that? Or does that rule only apply where older men getting involved with younger women are concerned? In which case I'm home and dry, lol.

Nunyaa said...

Look at him, 61 and she is 18. His sense of self must be great to think that any 18 year old is going to seriously be with him for LOVE. He is in denial of his age and she is after his wallet. I find it hilarious that old men chase girls just over consent age and think the girls really are into them. You see more men in that age chasing girls than women after the males. Women aren't that stupid to want someone you have to train and are just out of nappies LOL.

Ginro said...

Actually I want to tell you a funny story, perfectly true. It happened to me.

Four years ago my daughter turned eighteen years old, and naturally there was a big party. I was there, my ex-wife, a friend of mine (we'll call him 'A') I've known for twenty-five years and is an unofficial uncle to my daughter, along with loads of my daughter's friends.

So there we were, 'A' and myself, at the bar laughing and drinking. One of my daughter's friends came up to the bar and stood there chatting whilst she got some drinks and then went back to her friends.

'A' then laughed and said "You do know she's after you don't you?"
"No" I said. "She's a friend of my daughter, she's only 17 and I've watched her grow up. She's just being friendly and chatty."
He then laughed some more and said "She's been eye-balling you since the minute you walked in. Haven't you noticed?"
"I haven't got my glasses on so I haven't." I said "But you're wrong. I've known her for years. Besides, she's a friend of my daughter and she'd go apeshit if I dated a friend of hers."
'A' then said "OK. Within two minutes she'll be back up at this bar and will chat to you the whole time, and completely ignore me. You watch."
I told him he was wrong. 'She's young enough to be my daughter, plus she's my daughters friend.'

However, within two minutes she was back up at the bar, chatting to me and ignoring 'A'. A minute or so later she went back to her friends at her table.

'A' said 'told you so', and I just told him that doesn't prove anything and to drop it. We then went over and found a table ourselves and sat there chatting and so on.

After a little while he said, "She still can't take her eyes off you you know." I couldn't see as I had my back to her table, but I still wouldn't have it. So after a little while 'A' said to me, "Alright then, just for the sake of argument I want to prove I'm right. We'll go and sit at her table and within five minutes she will drag you onto the dance floor. And if you really want to piss off your ex-wife, you'll let her."

So we went over and sat at the table, and within five minutes this young woman stood up and announced that she wanted a dance. She looked down at me, grabbed my hands, and literally dragged me up onto that dance floor. Dragged is the operative word as I hate dancing, lol, because I couldn't dance to save my life.

Two things happened:

1. My daughter saw us and went bananas. (I am now forbidden from going near her friend because apparently "...she's a tart and she's always chasing older men!)

2. My ex-wife saw us and you should have seen her face, lol! How I wish I'd had a camera.

There you go. Sometimes I can be very naive, lol.

Ginro said...

I forgot to add, the young woman in question is an absolute stunner, which is why my friend couldn't understand why I wouldn't do anything, lol.

Nunyaa said...

Doesn't change the facts LOL. Yes we have all heard the saying, age is just a number. Tell me this, how would you feel if you daughter at 17 or 18 started dating/going out/sleeping with a man around the 61 year old age group? If it was my daughter, the guy would lose his nuts . Or if you had a son 17/18 sleeping with a woman that age?

Nunyaa said...

Anyway, the whole thing is disgusting, filthy dirty old pervert at his age , he supposed to be the mature one while she is 18 and still fairly naive to the world. He is the one taking advantage even if she is willing.

jams o donnell said...

What a sad old tosser he is.

Ginro said...

Well considering the gorgeous wife he's left, the man must be totally mad into the bargain.

Ginro said...

And I forgot to answer your question. The answer is no, I would not have approved of my daughter as a teenager dating someone that age. I had a hard enough time accepting the fact that she dated anyone at all, let alone anyone older than her if it had happened.
I had a carefully cultivated image to make sure her boyfriends were scared of me, lol. My 60kg punchbag was constantly hanging in the back room, I'd leave blood-stained sparring mitts lying around, various martial arts equipment...needless to say her boyfriends were always very polite to me and made sure they never mistreated her.

Nunyaa said...

LOL I knew it!!

Crushed said...

I'd say worse.
I'd say he's dirty old nonce.