Thursday, 12 June 2008

Appeal decision tomorrow for men who raped 10-year-old

Tomorrow morning at 11 am EST, a decision will be made public by Queensland's Chief Justice, Paul de Jersey regarding whether the nine males who raped a 10 year old girl deserve harsher punishment. Judge Sarah Bradley ordered no convictions be recorded against the males and they all walked free from court which resulted in a massive backlash from the public.
Tomorrow could very well be a real Friday the 13th for those nine males and rightly so. What I would like to know, what happens to Judge Bradley? Does she receive a quiet whisper in the ear that she should of handled it better or will she have her own sorry ass hauled over the coals as she so rightly deserves also. I have no doubts that the legal fraternity of Cairns will back the Judge to the fullest. After seeing the same Judge direct a jury to find a not guilty verdict against a man in his 70's for indecent dealings with children under the age of 16 when he clearly was guilty and admitted to one count, her actions in this case do not surprise me. Bring on Friday the 13th and a recommendation of jail for those nine males and for Sarah Bradley, sack the bitch.


Megan Bayliss said...

Sentence has been passed. Six years for the adults and three years each for the juveniles.
Shame that the little girl gets life though.
Despite what has happened and that it even happened, the appeal and sentencing on Childhood Hero Day is a victory for those of us who say: LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE!

Nunyaa said...

Yes am pleased the sentence was imposed, six years is a long time but not long enough, those adults knew what they were doing repeatedly. Those children who are abused carry it for life, six years is hardly a comparison.

Nunyaa said...

Everyone has the right to appeal and now on the news, their legal counsel states they are considering the option. When an appeal is heard, isn't there a risk the sentence can be increased?? Lets hope they appeal and cop more than 6 years.

Calum said...

I commented last night but it must be floating across the ether looking for your pc.

I said, "One can only hope that justice is done."

Without knowing the details it's hard to know if 6 years is justice. Certainly it seems little for such an attack especially if your system is the same as UK where they could be out in much less.

Nunyaa said...

The nine males, 3 adults and 6 considered minors, raped a 10 year old girl and the original sentencing Judge Bradley gave not one of them a recorded conviction. Justice de Jersey was critical of Bradley's decision. Now lets see Judge Sarah Bradley get more than a scolding.