Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Cryzan by ~Eve~

The following post was written by Eve and posted at Crushed's site, they reminded me of something very real and I think it is excellent writing and wanted to share it with those who have not seen it as yet.

As shadows lengthen their ageless forms,

And a chill breeze snatches my soul away,

The ghost of a sigh echoes in my heart,

Held captive by scores and scores of forgotten yesterdays.

The sigh resounds, triggering heartache,

I sweep my eyes around this barren landscape,

Hauntingly familiar, hovering spirits of thought faeries;

'Tis the place of long lost dreams and buried memories.

Wander I often here, the wind upon my face,

Caught within the eternal boundaries of time and space,

Seeing for one moment, ideals glimmering in a haze.

What place have I here?

But then again, reality tends to disappear...

Hand in hand, skimming pebbles of first impressions,

I walk with old flames, repeating conversations,

Smiling, laughing, my self of the past walks.

I just stand and watch, reliving each paradox...

Lonely, the wind carries silent regrets,

It sweeps through my being; I have to submit-

A feeling of indescribable sadness and longing...

I like it.

To this country will I come when sad or just weary,

Till I return here for all eternity.


-eve- said...

Thanks for posting it, Nunyaa :-)
Am honoured :-)

Nunyaa said...

You are welcome Eve, It touching words you write.