Friday, 6 June 2008

Prisoner's Compensation

After reading a story in the Cairns Post Tuesday June 3rd, I can't find a link online to connect to this story but did notice plenty of similar cases.

A prisoner from the correctional facility Lotus Glen near Mareeba has been awarded $500 compensation for a remark made by one of the prison guards. This particular case failed in two mediation hearings, a two day hearing before the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal where witnesses were flown from Cairns to Brisbane all at the expense of the tax payer.
Douglas Savage who works for the ADT heard the case and has criticised the the time and costs of such a matter being brought forward. He says the case could and should of been dealt with in a local magistrates court in under an hour.
The remark about the applicant was made by the guard to another, calling the prisoner, "a little black c**t". The prisoner was apparently offended by this remark and sought compensation through the legal system. The complaint was made in January 2006 and resulted in the amount of $500 AUD.
Racial discrimination is not acceptable but you will find remarks of the same and similar being bandied around everywhere in life. Imagine how bogged down the courts would be if every remark was filed for compensation. You often hear remarks about 'white trash', white c**t, yet if one was to bring about a lawsuit seeking damages, it would be laughed out of court and dismissed for the triviality that it is. I have to agree with Mr Savage who stated that it was a waste of tax payers dollars, and really what a frivolous claim to make. The only ones to make any money out of this would of been the lawyers acting for both parties.
This prisoner was jailed for two years for numerous assault charges occasioning bodily harm, assault while armed, unlicensed driving, breaching of domestic violence orders and drug possession. I fail to see how 3 words can worry a man so much that he seeks compensation and wonder if he gave a thought to those he robbed and assaulted. If those victims seek compensation, chances are he wont be able to pay and therefore the tax payer will again.
There is a difference between real discrimination and that of careless remarks. People need to grow thicker skins and stop wasting courts time and tying up valuable resources. Political correctness has gone overboard in many cases .


Ginro said...

Yes I agree. Same sort of thing happens in the UK and the western world is becoming a laughing stock. I don't understand what's going on and it's as if the entire world has been turned upside down.

Are you ok? You've been a bit quiet the past day or two. Of myself and my site, I'm still angry and have been very tempted to simply hit the delete button several times. They've sorted it out, but only because I wrote that entry letting every other Terapad user know what happened. It appears person or persons, at the moment unknown to me, were copying entire pages of work I'd written (there's a lot in the sidebar) and pasting it on their own sites passing it off as their own.

Nunyaa said...

Don't that just piss you right off?

Nunyaa said...

Yes am ok just tired and stuff to deal with, couldn't think straight to post lol now am back into it. Thank you.

jams o donnell said...

Ach that is the sort of comment that should have been dealt wwith withing the Prison Service's disciplinary system not the courts

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

People need to grow thicker skins and stop wasting courts time ...


CherryPie said...

I agree with Jams!!!