Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Do Boxers have BIG Mouths?

For those who know about boxing, many would be familiar with Australia's Jeff Fenech. Now retired from boxing, he is to do battle with Azumah Nelson on Tuesday for the third time. Fenech who is a three times world champion, believes he was robbed of a fourth title against Nelson in 1991. Staunch supporters of Fenech will agree and at the time, I did myself. Over time, circumstances change and so do opinions. Jeff Fenech taunted Azumah Nelson in banter typical of boxers at a gym about his weight, the difference between them is only 8kg. Both are older with Nelson at 49 and Fenech at 44. In Australia we have another boxer, Anthony Mundine. Once noted as a rugby league great, he is successful in the ring but his mouth is as big as his ego. We all remember Mohammed Ali and his famous line, "I am the greatest", but the difference between Ali and the likes of Fenech and Mundine, is humility. These two boxers, Fenech and Mundine may have won many bouts each and hold/have held world records but what fails them most is their cocky attitudes and outrageous statements along with the assumptions that Australians are 100% behind them. Quite a large percentage of people would love nothing more than to see Fenech and Mundine get knocked on their respective backsides. Sooner or later Mundine will kiss the canvas hard and I can only dream of seeing the schmuck get his come uppance. As for Fenech, he is a has been , win or lose on Tuesday. A liar at best, who went on tv and many times publicly denied he was involved in the theft of a watch from a store when it was clearly seen on cctv even though he eventually admitted to the theft in court. That was where he lost any respect I had for him as a sportsman and Australian.
Mundine, he uses his race, that of being Aboriginal saying he fights for his people. He fights because A: he IS good, B: he craves the limelight and is full of his own importance.
It was Mundine who said the terrorist attack on the US on September 11 “was God’s Law”. It is not because he is Aboriginal, it is not because he is a Muslim that a large number of Australians do not like or have respect for him as a man, Anthony Mundine is his own worst enemy.
See here for opinions, good and bad on Mundine.


Jeff said...

9/11 was part of a thousand-mile wide pentagram "drawn" in American and foreign blood over the map of the U.S. see:

jams o donnell said...

49 and 44 it's a bit old to be going into the ring methinks.