Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Nectar of the Gods.....or should that be Cods?

Next time you are driving and need to relieve yourself by the roadside, beware of being bitten on the family jewels. A North Queensland man, Darryl Zutt who was on a pig hunting expedition was not so fortunate. As he squatted to attend his business, he felt a sharp prick to the nether regions and when looking down, the culprit was seen sliding from between his legs. A cold can of rum* was used to soothe his pain while his mate who was with him on the hunting trip radioed ahead and upon arriving necessary tests revealed he had indeed been bitten but not envenomated. Luck for Mr Zutt and even luckier for his mate who didn't panic and use olden day method of sucking out the poison.

Mr Zutt said he had copped a ribbing from his mates but they knew full well "they could’ve been attending my funeral".

"They’ve been saying things like ‘It was a trouser snake fight’ and ‘He (the snake) saw the competition and got scared’," he said.

"Once they knew I was right, the jokes came out."

P.S.... *Rum and other alcohol beverages are often referred to as Nectar of the Gods.


Ginro said...

It's not the size of her bum that men are ogling, it's the way that she moves it, lol.

Nunyaa said...

Including yourself ? LOL

CherryPie said...


Ginro said...

Mais oui, but erv cerse madame, hehehe.

jams o donnell said...

Well it's times like that when you find out who your true friends are!

Nunyaa said...

Ha lol Jams.