Friday, 14 March 2008

Australian Welfare Payments

Case A scenario:: Single parent,not working with 3 children aged from 4 to 13. Paying $160 per week rent.

Possible Payments:: Single Parenting Pension $537.70 per fortnight (pf)
Payments for children: $145.46 X 2 and as 1 child is 13 , $189.00 = $ 479.00
Rent Assistance:: receives maximum amount $140.00

Possible payments excluding pharmaceutical allowances and if no child support is being paid, $1, 156.70 pf.
July every year a payment is made to all families whether they are single parent families or partnered. The amount is $600 per child. In case A, it would be $1,800.00. Plus any reconciliation payments that are payable if it is shown that the recipient did not recieve as much funding as they may have been entitled to.
If the single parent is female and has another child, a Maternity Allowance of $4, 187.00 is paid to her usually within two weeks of giving birth. I have spoken about this before but there is a high percentage of young girls and women who are having children, conviniently tell centrelink ( gov't welfare agency) they do not recall who the sperm donor is. In July 2008 the Maternity Allowance will rise to $5000.00 per child, eg; twins $10,000.00 and so forth.

Newstart Allowance (dole) Single rate of pay btwn 16-17 @ home $194.50 pf
Single +18 @ home $233.90
Single and 16 away from home $355.00 pf
Partnered no children $355.40 pf
Partnered with children $390.20 each. Which ever partner is listed as seeking work, the other partner claims the Family Tax Benefit (FTB) which varies on childrens ages as well.

The Aged pensioners receive compared to the above tables a paltry $265 a week to live on.

These figures are an approximation only on base rates and may vary due to individual circumstances.


Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

this is the iniquity in what should be a compassionate thing.

Nunyaa said...

Yes and the government has made it too easy to claim benefits for those who are lazy and think the world owes them.