Sunday, 9 March 2008

DuS d1z dr1v3 u nUtZ ?

It iz s0 ann0yn w3n ppl sh0rtn t3xt n den dey wr1t3 lyk d3y r st1l in sk00l. Sup wit wr1tin n0rm4l 0r 3v3ry l3tt3r 1z r3pl4ced wit numb4z. D3n w3 av tHe InStAnCeS 2nD lEtTeRs ArE wRiTtEn In CaPiTaLs WiTh No VaRiAtIoNs. DuS nEwUn r3AliSe Ow LoNg ItS tAkIn m3 2 WrItE liKe DiS aNd It L0oKs 1Ll1T3rAt3. AtTeMpTiNg To ReAd W3n ItS hIgGiLdY pIgGiLdY ( is that a word?) Is ViRtUaLlY iMpOsSiBlE. Neht niaga uoy nac syawla etirw sdrawkcab.


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See I am not the only 1 who does not like this , sorry but LOL