Sunday, 9 March 2008

Cyber Evil

Task Force Argos was established in 1997, in response to a flood of complaints relating to historical child abuse. Half of its 30 staff is dedicated to investigating historical child abuse, and half concentrate on child protection Internet investigations.

State Crime Operations Command Detective Acting Superintendent Peter Crawford said that possession and distribution of images depicting the sexual exploitation of children was not a victimless crime.“People who use the internet to collect and distribute these images extend the degradation of children and add a profit motive to their exploitation,” he said.“Task Force Argos, in partnership with other law enforcement agencies, will continue to place strong emphasis on detecting and prosecuting offenders who prey on the vulnerability of children by accessing the internet to satisfy their own sick obsessions,” Det Supt Crawford said.

Scattered throughout the world are many children who have unlimited and unsupervised access to the internet. A virtual smorgasboard for the perverted minds of people who prey on children of all ages to commit despicable acts . How many parents or caregivers really know what their charges are up to once they login to the net? Have witnessed online users , both male and female under the age of 17 mixing it with adults in chatrooms, inviting users to contact them and swap text, pictures, meet up. What hope is there when we have the parents themselves who go online and freely admit they are aware their children are entering these chatrooms. We all know the net is littered with perverts so to condone this kind of activity is only asking for trouble. I am not talking about the children who are sneaky and go online behind their parents back but the ones whose parents knowingly let their kids have free reign on the internet. Of course there can be no reasoning that validates what pedophiles do. One case that springs to mind is a man of 42 who thinks it is ok to let his 16 year old daughter sleep with his mates and tries to excuse it with "I don't mind, I know they will look after her". This young teen cruises the chatrooms, has severe case of potty mouth but the father laughs it off. The parents or caregivers that allow kids to trawl the net unsupervised are as disgusting as the pedophiles themselves and should face the full brunt of the law.


Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Post coming up later.

In my field, we're fighting it the whole time. I feel such a monster just being a man these days but it seems soe women are into it too.

I ran a post some time back on this problem of the male psyche. I can see the lure with men, particularly aging ones who don't have contact with females apart from a wife who no longer excites.

I'm not in a normal position in that my work involves 125 girls and 3 boys aged 18 to 22 and that forces you to see their developing selves as human beings, with hopes, dreams, loves etc.

Now without that, all there'd be would be their bodies and pouting lips. So there's the underage porn industry in one.

On my site I've allowed myself one image - Olga Kurylenko, the next James Bond girl from when she's 15 and I think I might throw it today. It's exploitative and I'm abetting that by having it.

What's worse, it came from a standard Kurylenko fan site. If it wasn't so I wouldn't say it but it doesn't turn me on one little bit and that's the thing - surely a normal male is susceptible to the alluring but there's nothing alluring about her at that age.

The whole body language is 15.

So the men who are into paedo seem, in my mind, to be starved of beauty and allure and are trying to find it in a young girl. This raises the obvious question - they clearly don't know anything about a hysterical, hormonal 15 year old girl [and I used to be surrounded by them] who puts on make-up with a shovel and whose mind is 70% her mother.

But maybe they do know - many are fathers and how a father can touch his daughter is just way beyond me. At my most libidinous you can't do it with your kid - she's depending on you. How can you break that trust for what?

For her to lie there like a cadaver while you have your fill? That's male ego beyond. It IS ego, isn't it?

Nunyaa, I'm going to think this one out and post on it, which is dangerous, given my position with the Russian girls.


Nunyaa said...

Ego it maybe in most cases. Am astounded at the father I mentioned who thinks it is acceptable to allow his daughter to sleep with men his age and just below it. Its all well and good to have safe measures in place but when a parent advocates his daughter do what she does, what does that make him? Cant say it enough, there are as many female predators out there amongst the men and they are as equally dangerous.