Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Dicing with Death

There are quite a few countries that have a death penalty if caught bringing drugs into the country or have drugs on their person. Why is it that many foreigners are in prison, some with life sentences and others waiting on death row. It is no secret that if you enter these countries importing drugs you face possible death. The penalties are widely advertised at airports, travel agencies and throughout the internet. Stupidity and the belief that you wont get caught are common. You would not expect someone to place their hand on the hotplate of a stove, knowing they will more than likely be burned, same as for carrying drugs into another country. Death by firing squad and hanging are barbaric in the extreme so if one enters a country in possession of narcotics then it should come as no surprise when sentence is passed. In Australia there is no death penalty for such crimes yet you will find petitions and calls for loved ones in this ghastly situation to be saved. You know the risks, you take the risks, you suffer the consequences of your own actions. Sympathies are reserved for the families of these drug mules.


Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

I just see this as being a crazy thing to do.

Nunyaa said...

With several Aussies in foreign jails for trafficking, it is sad, why put oneself in a dangerous position.