Saturday, 8 March 2008

International Mens Day

Having seen all the advertisements for International Womens Day, i done a search on google and found there is also an International Mens Day , IMD. IWD has been recognised since February 28th 1909 and in the following year the first conference was held in Copenhagen. I will be watching to see if the Mens Day is as widely publicised, i had never heard of it before , according to Wikipedia the celebration of IMD only began in 1999. As much as a source of frustration men can be and likewise women, I'm all for the recognition men do deserve. The age old saying , you can't live with them but sure as hell can't live without them either. Yes women and men maybe equal but we are not the same, I believe there is many things you can get from man, excluding breeding , that women just cannot provide.


Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

I agree with what you say and thanks for this. I'll put this link in my post now.

Bharati Deshpande said...

The news article for the 1st celeberation are

Plus a presentation of the same are here

The television program is here but it is in vernacular