Thursday, 29 May 2008

A Case of Klingons?

Have you ever wondered how those astronauts go to the loo when in space? With no gravity and no knowledge of just how it is done, the imagination comes up with a few scenarios. One would think the guys wouldn't have as much difficulty as the women but what about all the rest of the nasty business that has to happen. How many logs are in the Captains book?
Alas, the toilet on the International Space Station has broken down. Visions of meteor showers of the poo variety would be a nightmare. This of course does not happen but the astronauts have been making use of a loo on an escape craft that is attached to the International Space Station. Awaiting parts for the mending of the space toilet, it will then convert the urine of the astronauts into drinking water. Eeew that puts end to my space travel ideas.


jmb said...

Well my sister-in-law who lives in NSW on a small horse farm has some biocycle thing on their septic tank which renders the water from it good enough to drink, although they don't. But they do use it on the garden.
I did not need to think about this Nunyaa.

Nunyaa said...

Think they are doing something with the water in Brisbane area as well from waste water. It supposed to be safe but if I was down that way, I would stick to bottled.

CherryPie said...

I don't need to think of this just before my dinner ;-)