Friday, 9 May 2008

The 3 R's...... reading, rude stuff, ridiculous...NSW education Dept

A year 1 teacher has been suspended from duties until the outcome of an investigation into her extra curricular activities. Lynne Tziolas, 24 and her husband posed for a national women's magazine; Cleo, and answered questions about their sex life and relationship . All this was presented in a sealed section of the magazine, so to view it, and it does come with warnings about the content, the sealed section would have to of been opened. Above is the picture that has caused all the concern.
Some parents have obviously viewed the said article, the photos and the so called sexual comment and are calling for her dismissal.
Yes teachers do have a standard to uphold but come on, if the article is so offensive and one not heeds the warnings beforehand, then really what have the parents got to complain about. You tell me how many Year 1 students can go in and buy a Cleo magazine. The chances are that they are more than likely to view the magazine if it is left lying around by a parent who is careless in stowing it away out of little eyes way. That would go for any type of publication that has contents not appropriate for viewing by minors, you need not leave them laying where children can easily access them.
People come in all shapes and sizes, we are not all perfect; whatever that is, and in an ideal world we should all be proud of who we are. Mrs Tziolas is not ashamed of herself or the relationship she shares with her husband and why should she be.
For me, to parade oneself naked in public is a no go area BUT the uproar IS about the teacher doing so and in a sealed section of a magazine that children have NO right to be seeing in the first place.
Lynne Tziolas's downfall was that she is a teacher.


jmb said...

Now Nunyaa. It's in a sealed section so they won't ever see it. What planet do you live on? They might have older brothers and sisters you know who can buy it and pass it around. It's certainly inappropriate in my mind for a teacher to do this. If it was an MP what would you think? Or the mayor of Paradise? Certain positions carry certain responsibilities which spill into your private life.
And you know what? This is being naked in public, in a national magazine which more widely seen than if she had been seen naked at the local shopping centre and what's more it's available to be seen forever. Not just for a few moments.

I won't even comment on the tattoos.

Nunyaa said...

No, I don't think what she did was right either but the furore over it is way bigger than the incident itself. And I still say that its only through carelessness that kids would have any chance of seeing the article. Some kind of disciplinary action yes but I don't think it warrants her losing her job. Just like the politician who sniffed that lady's seat, immature and inappropriate but it happened 3 years ago.