Friday, 2 May 2008

Judge Sarah Bradley's mistake

The Court of Appeal has refused an application to adjourn the hearing of an appeal against the sentences imposed on nine males who gang raped a 10-year-old girl at Aurukun on the Cape York Peninsula.

Late last year, a judge handed down non-custodial sentences to three men and six juveniles after they pleaded guilty to raping the girl in 2006.

The Attorney-General is appealing against the non-custodial sentences.

The rapists' lawyers yesterday asked the court for more time to consider pre-sentence and psychological reports on the three men.

Nine males raped a 10 year old girl and received non custodial sentences. Judge Sarah Bradley failed to hand down sentences that reflected on the nature of the crime. This story has been written about before and the counsel for the defendants asked that an appeal be pushed back to allow for psychiatric reports. What will be just as sad if these animals are allowed to offer a defense using psychiatric reports. They knew full well what they were doing when they pack raped a little girl and now trying every trick in the book to justify the leniency of Judge Bradley's sentencing. To use the excuse they come from a community that is rampant with alcohol fuelled violence is bullshit. It matters not that these males, you couldn't call them men, come from an aboriginal community. Rape is rape and knows no race or religion. It is appalling that one uses race, background etc to try and explain such a despicable thing to do. They still are filthy pigs, be they black or white.


Semaj Mahgih said...

Life of course, no less.

Nunyaa said...

But, I'm going to post in here what happens, what is the bet they do not get life. This will be a case where they will use their race to try and get a lesser sentence.

LordSomber said...

This is known as "the bigotry of low expectations."

"Some say it is unfair to hold
disadvantaged children to rigorous standards. I say it is discrimination to require anything less –the soft bigotry of low
expectations. Some say that schools can’t be expected to teach, because there are too many broken families, too many immigrants, too much diversity. I say that pigment and poverty need not determine performance. That myth is disproved by good schools every day. Excuse-making must end before learning can begin."

Nunyaa said...

The law will not be seen to come down hard on them and you can still bet that all the race excuses they use will be taken into sentencing. It happens all the time here, race, upbringing, alcohol induced lifestyle, education, poverty....why am I even bothering to teach my kids that there are consequences for what they do when this sort of thing goes on all the time . What was Judge Bradley's excuse?

Megan Bayliss said...

I would like to see truth in sentencing and consistency in penalties.
It is ludicrous that these lads get away with rape and I echo your disgust.
Rape is rape in a country where rape and sexual assault is against the law - rape is neither a black or white issue - rape is against the law.

Nunyaa said...

You know Megan it will be used as a defence though. No excuses here.