Tuesday, 20 May 2008


The annual interstate rivalry between Queensland and New South Wales begins tomorrow night. The first of three games of rugby league will be played and winner of the best of 3 games will hold aloft the Winfield State of Origin Shield. If the series is drawn then the previous winners from last series retain the title. Queensland Maroons are often referred to as the Cane Toads and those in the New South Wales Blues camp are named the cockroaches. Whilst the game venues will be packed, right across both states the pubs, clubs and lounge rooms will be geared up for the big game that has fans wearing their teams colours, cars decorated with streamers, shop fronts adorned with football memorabilia. To play State of Origin (as well as for Australia) is what aspiring football players dream of. The screaming and whooping at the highest of decibels when a try is scored or the cries of forward pass, knock on or offside at the referee, or the referee is on the opposition's payroll is infectious. One friend of mine held an Origin party, she was barracking for Queensland , her husband for New South Wales. Friends over for the mandatory bbq, red, white and maroon balloons all over....she made sure the drinks esky was on her side of the room much to the disgust of hubby.
It is intense, it is passionate, it is what rugby league fans wait for every year . No surprise who I will be hoping to win.




Lord James Bigglesworth said...

Surprised you ran the Blues badge. :)

Nunyaa said...

Why do you think it is at the bottom of the post? Have to be fair and run both anyway.