Monday, 26 May 2008

Life imprisonment is not enough..Greenough Family Massacre

In a small town called Greenough just outside of Geraldton in Western Australia, Bill Mitchell systematically killed a mother and her three children in the most callous and brutal way. Karen MacKenzie 31, her son Daniel 16, daughters, Amara 7 and Katrina 5 were bludgeoned to death with an axe. Karen was also raped after she had been killed. Amara was sexually assaulted also. The injuries to the deceased were so severe that it was ruled the finer details were never to be released to the public ever. It took five weeks of long drawn out investigations, scientific and otherwise before police had their culprit. When police brought Bill Mitchell in for questioning he confessed to the murders. His defence at the time was that he was high after smoking marijuana and shooting up amphetamines . Originally William Patrick Mitchell was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment with the right to apply for parole after. Such was the public dismay and outrage that the Crown appealed and he was ordered to spend the rest of his natural life behind bars. William Mitchell went to the High Court and the original sentence was re-instated. In the year 2013 he can apply for parole. This is outrageous. This animal took the life of a mother who refused his sexual advances at a previous party, he then brutally murdered her young children and went about his daily life for the next five weeks as if nothing had happened. There is no second chance for Karen and her children, and surely a case like this gives credence to the death penalty to be re-introduced. There is little chance that will ever happen but he does not deserve to be released after 20 years. He will only be 44. Four lives taken by a selfish, sadistic, drug fucked poor excuse for a human being, the term of his natural life in prison is far less than what he should get. William Patrick Mitchell should die in prison. He gets a second chance, those he murdered do not.,21598,21759207-5005382,00.html


Megan Bayliss said...

Nunyaa I agree. I have reached the stage where I am now leaning toward a life for a life.

Many of our protective strategies fail to protect people. Women and children continue to be the overwhelming victims of men's violence. Although I do not want to make this a gender issue, I am appalled that this woman and her children are dead AND assaulted post death, while plans are being made for the murderers eventual release. WTF!

STOP VIOLENCE and bring back truth in sentencing.

Nunyaa said...

Can't believe that this individual has used the highest court and has the last say. Whichever way we look at it, he is going to be free, pity they couldn't find a way to keep him in jail indefinitely. 20 years is NOT enough.

ga.farmgirl said...

I agree that it is a unimaginable crime and that he should be made to suffer for his crime.
The only reason I could say I am not for the death penalty 100%, is the chance that 1 innocent person may be put to death, and I am sure has been put to death.
Since DNA testing has became available, just think of the innocent people that it has freed, and the guilty it has convicted. But what if it is not 100% correct either?
Just so many questions and not enough answers sometimes.

sportstranger said...

I will post something more appropriate at a later time as all i feel at the moment is killing the guy myself when he comes out.
Just weighing up if 20years of my life is worth getting rid of this scum...wether he was on drugs or not,jesus christ ive been more drugged than this ass hole will ever be and you dont see me going round killing mother and kids.So sad for the real peopel involved,i take my hat of to the mother in respect(karens mother).

Opinionated said...

This bloke is spineless scum, I think the public ought to get together upon his release, torture him for a day or two, then rip his eyes out with their fingers, stab his spine to turn him into a head on a stick and set a pack of wild animals loose on him to get their feed. This should be video recorded, sold to the public with all proceeds going to Karens mum and family.
If I lived in WA, I would do this the slimy weazle does not even deserve a prison sentence.

tarheelblue42 said...

I agree with sportsranger, and to call this guy an "animal" is a gross misrepresentation. I would give 20 years of my life to kill this b@st@ard!

A lot doesn't faze me these days with the carnage people do to each other - but the actions of this killer certainly is by far the worst I have ever heard or seen. Never have I been so evoked with such anger and rage. If I could rip his eyeballs out I would.

And 20 years is a joke, if he is ever released - the judges have blood on their hands. This should of been used to set precendents in our laws/legislations for future cases to come. How can someone EVER be let back into society with the atrocities towards innocent children he has done.

Rot in hell you peice of scum. You don't deserve the air you breath.