Saturday, 24 May 2008

Nude Teens , is it Art?

A well renowned photographer Bill Henson is waiting to be charged by police after photographs he took of teenage girls naked were seized and the art show in which they was being exhibited was closed. It is stated in the following link that intent will be very hard to prove. It is highly inappropriate to show these kinds of photos and call them art. How can nude pictures of teenagers be considered art and who would be wanting to look at them anyway?
For further details, check the following:


CherryPie said...

I have no problems with nudity, but no I don't think that is art. It's also not a good idea to have photos of teenagers naked like that. The photos show their faces and and this could lead to problems for them!

Nunyaa said...

True Cherie, nudity isn't the problem, its the subject. They say the photos are tastefully done but still don't change the fact its naked teenagers. Not beautiful at all. Just conjours up images of dirty perverts.

CherryPie said...

It conjured up the same image for me too!