Thursday, 8 May 2008

A Child Killers Rights ?

Faye Cramb lies in an induced coma in intensive care after complications from heart surgery. She has already been administered last rites and is not expected to last much longer.

Valmae Beck, imprisoned in 1988 along with her husband Barrie Watts for the shocking rape, torture and murder of a 12 year old girl.
The dumpy and matronly woman — with six children from previous marriages — stopped Sian and asked about a mythical missing dog.

Watts grabbed her from behind. Sian, arms and mouth taped, was driven away to bushland.

Watts raped, beat and repeatedly stabbed Sian and cut her throat while Beck looked on. The two then calmly went home to Lowood, had a bath and watched TV.
It emerged in their separate trials that the marriage was going sour and Watts had fantasies about raping and killing a young virgin.
Watts told Beck, in secretly taped conversations between the two while they awaited their court hearing, "I'd like to do it again. You wanted it as well. You wanted to do it again."
Beck — who showed no reaction to her life sentence — told a stunned court that Sian "never cried, never shed a tear, (she was) a brave little girl, she never uttered a peep, she just did everything he told her."
The sentencing judge described Beck as "callous and depraved".
Watts was also sentenced to life and both are still in jail.
The sentencing judge at Watts's trial described him as "a thoroughly evil man devoid of any sense of morality" and recommended he never be released.
In 1994, it was reported that Beck had changed her name and become a "born again Christian".

Enter Faye Cramb. There is huge public outcry that Faye Cramb is being treated with tax payers dollars to save or prolong her life. Faye Cramb is none other than convicted killer, Valmae Beck.

QUEENSLAND taxpayers could be slugged thousands of dollars for the full funeral of Valmae Beck.
Taxpayers have already had to pay for expensive life-saving heart surgery this week for the 64-year-old mother-of-six who lured 12-year-old Sunshine Coast schoolgirl Sian Kingi to her horrific death in 1987.
Queenslanders reacted angrily when news of Beck's declining health broke on The Courier-Mail website, with many angry that taxpayer funds were being used to help keep her alive.
Initial reports on Monday suggested Beck, if not claimed for burial by her family, could only expect the State Government to pay for her cremation.
However, The Courier-Mail has learned Beck could be given a fully taxpayer-funded funeral ceremony and religious interment.
A Department of Justice fact sheet says both it and Queensland's Attorney-General, through the Office of the State Coroner or a local Magistrate's Court Registry, could organise a simple burial or cremation of any deceased prisoner whose assets could not cover the cost.
"A relative or friend of a deceased person can apply for burials assistance if . . . no one can arrange or afford to pay for the funeral," the government-issued fact sheet says.
"If you would like a member of the clergy to conduct a graveside service, the funeral director (can arrange one, but) must be advised."•
Several funeral directors estimated the cost of a basic funeral could be anywhere between $2000 to $6000.,23739,23654134-952,00.html

Is it inhumane to not administer medical treatment to another person? Yes, Faye/Valmae committed one of the most horrific and despicable acts upon a defenceless child and showed her no mercy. Do we as a society stoop to that level and show her no mercy or do we let her die as painful death like Sian Kingi. One part of me says let her suffer, that is emotions speaking, morally is it correct though to do the same.

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