Friday, 9 May 2008


Tonight the Aussies face off with the Kiwis in the Centenary Test and as at time of typing , the Aussies have drawn first blood with a converted try, so at moment score is 6 Australia , 0 Kiwis.....cant help but say...YAY! Members of the Aussie team are formed from selection from the national teams and have players we love to hate, but when they all play for Australia's pride and glory, we support them.
Come on big Willie Mason, Go Billy Slater, (home town hero) , Woohoo Jonathon Thurston(Nth Qld Cowboys Capt).
The sight of them Kiwi guys would make me pack my daks, there some HUGE men in their team, especially the forwards. STOP PRESS........AUSTRALIA SCORES AGAIN!!

I barrack for the Kangaroos to win but I love to watch the Kiwis do the haka, a traditional dance performed at the start of every match, they look fierce and mean and when it's over, start yelling at the referee about that forward pass, offside play, high tackle or raking of the ball.

The most well-known haka is "Ka Mate", attributed to Te Rauparaha, war leader of the Ngāti Toa tribe. The Ka Mate haka is classified as a "Haka Taparahi" - a ceremonial haka. The "Ka Mate" haka is about the cunning ruse Te Rauparaha used to outwit his enemies, and may be interpreted as 'a celebration of the triumph of life over death' (Pōmare 2006).
Oh my I was distracted getting these pictures from the net, at 33 minutes into the first half , the score is AUSTRALIA 22 - KIWI'S 0.
Full time results will be posted here at end of the game.
72 minutes into the game, the score is (close eyes if you are a Kiwi fan) Aussies 28 - Kiwis 6



Lil Jimmy said...

You know your hakas? Wow.

CherryPie said...

Congratulations :-)

Nunyaa said...

Am surprised the Kiwis did not win, they are big guys in that team.