Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Gay Mafia?? What a crock!

I disagree with ALMOST everything said in this post, fighting the gay mafia Many gay, bi or lesbian people conduct themselves in a 'proper' manner in public, if they are not full on having sex in public (this goes for straight people also), who cares? What I can't comprehend is why if the sight of two men together is supposed to be 'morally wrong' why is it more acceptable for two women to be together? If you did not know the sexual orientation of the businessman, then would it of made a difference? Don't matter what is written, it is discrimination to use sexual orientation to hinder/harass call it what you will.Around the world there are sportstars, musicians, artists,famous persons who are not straight yet one still buys their music, watches them compete in chosen sport,or admires their art and it matters not of which side they chose to be with. Penguin town folk need to pull their heads out of their backsides, this is 2008 not 1970.


Semaj Mahgih said...

That's not what I was saying. No one was talking about two gay people, consenting adults.

I was referring to the gay mafia which runs the fashion industry, is part of a gloabla thrust and is heavily political.

Different other animal altogether.

Nunyaa said...

Oh come on, you really mean to tell me it matters who runs the fashion industry? Is it the fact they gay or their political aliance that is in question here?

Crushed said...

Whatever people say, the battle for equality odf treatment in this field has only jusy started.

Gay people are still wjere black people were thirty years aho.

And black people are where women were thirty years ago.

Glass ceilings above glass ceilings.

Verlin Martin said...

"why is it more acceptable for two women to be together?"

Because straight men like it?


Nunyaa said...

Yes so I believe, but if one was to go with James' post way , it still be wrong, which of course it isn't.