Monday, 7 April 2008

When it's Wrong to Love

We all seek to be loved and to know you are loved is a great thing, the following story is just wrong, and how the female can accept this is unthinkable. The male isn't unaware either and to just have a devil may care attitude shows they have no regard for their offspring.

A father and daughter, who have a baby girl together, had another child who died a few days after birth from a congenital heart disease, court documents show.

John Earnest Deaves and his daughter Jennifer Anne Deaves are at the centre of an incest scandal in South Australia over their seven-year relationship.
The pair revealed their relationship on the Nine Network's 60 Minutes program on Sunday night, saying they were just asking for some respect and understanding.

In March this year, they were placed on three-year good behaviour bonds after pleading guilty to two counts of incest.

District Court sentencing judge Steven Millsteed said the first count of incest was based on an act of sexual intercourse which resulted in the birth of the couple's first child.
The second count of incest related to an act of sexual intercourse which resulted in the birth of their second child in May last year.

"The first child was born in 2001 but died a few days after birth due to a congenital heart disease," Judge Millsteed said.

The couple had started a relationship together after being reunited in 2000, almost 30 years after Mr Deaves separated from Jenny's mother.

Because of problems with her own marriage, Ms Deaves had gone to live with her father at Yongala, in South Australia.

Their physical relationship developed later that year and both ended their marriages and began living together.

"Each of you say that the other has provided care and affection that was missing in your marriage," Judge Millsteed said.

"You also say that although you are father and daughter, that you were virtually strangers when your relationship commenced and that the relationship was based on mutual love and respect."

The couple had their first child while living in Rockhampton, Queensland, before moving to Port Pirie, in South Australia.

After the birth of their second child they moved to Bordertown, near the Victorian border where the Department of Families and Communities became aware of their relationship and turned the matter over to police.

Judge Millsteed said that when contacted by police the Deaves made full admissions.

He said both Jenny and John Deaves told him that they accepted their sexual relationship must end but hoped they would be able to continue to support one another and the children.

But he said while the case was not typical he had to impose a sentence that impressed upon them that any resumption of their incestuous relationship was unacceptable.

"The offence of incest exists not merely to protect children from sexual abuse," Judge Millsteed said.

"In my view, other relevant factors include the need to prevent the high risk of congenital defects in children born of incestuous relationships and to prevent children suffering psychological harm and social stigmatisation."

Mr Deaves told Channel Nine that he "initially" thought having sex with his daughter was wrong.

"Emotions take over, as people no doubt realise. There are times during your life where emotions do rule the heart, it rules the head," he said.

"I knew it was illegal. Of course, I knew it was illegal but you know, so what."

Deaves' ex-wife Dorothy, 69, who he married long after splitting with Jenny's mother, on Monday rubbished claims he and his daughter had virtually no contact for 30 years.

She told Ninemsn that when she married John Deaves in 1984, the then 15-year-old Jenny stayed with them for a week.

Jenny stayed with them four times before their marriage broke down in 2000 after the father and daughter took a trip to Dubbo together, she said.

"It was hard to face for a long time," Mrs Deaves said.

"It's one of those things everyone's so upset about."

Incest Couple


Semaj Mahgih said...

I'd like to know the relative ages of all parties. Could you give these, Nunyaa?

Nunyaa said...

The woman is around 39, am not sure how old her father is, don't matter the age, still disgusting and so wrong of both. They are asking for the publics understanding, easy to understand what they are doing, but whoever supports this would be just as foolish.

oestrebunny said...

I don't really think I can add anything else except 'urgh'.

You do hear of it happening though when close family relationships are reunited after a vast period of time. Something like you recognise their DNA as a part of you and the feelings of familial bonding can be mistaken for love....most people are disgusted by it when they realise they are actually related though. They don't carry on to have children.

LordSomber said...

"The most telling quote was the 'I knew it was illegal, but you know, so what' comment... If it feels good, do it. If it makes you happy, do it. Who cares if its wrong? Who cares if its selfish, or will hurt other people? If it makes you happy, do it!"

CherryPie said...

Makes you wonder why the publicised it in that way too...

Nunyaa said...

Am just dumbfounded at the whole thing Cherie, Bunny and James the link that Lordsomber has left shows a picture and similar story. The comments left there are a read in themselves.