Friday, 25 April 2008

Wesley Snipes .... 3 Years Jail

Actor Wesley Snipes has been given a 3 year jail term for failing to do his tax returns between 1999-2001. The prison term is the maximum penalty allowed in the US under the current law.
According to Snipes' lawyers, the amount of tax losses amounts to $US400,000($A422,030) and argued for a much lenient sentence. No matter the amount, we all have to pay and do our taxes whether we like it or loathe the whole system. He is no exception. Having said that, I still feel that is a long time to spend in jail for not filing taxes but if one was to outright steal that amount of money they would definitely be spending few years in the lock up. Non-compliance of tax returns is equivalent to stealing in the eyes of the law.
These stars earn huge amounts of money, so why do they not at least have an accountant or the likes to draw up their tax returns ? Outlandish spending habits could of afforded a measly amount of money and saved him 3 years behind bars. Me thinks he will not be there for the whole prison term, his status will see him on early release alone.


Semaj Mahgih said...

Maybe but he's also made enemies along the way who'd like to see him inside.

Nunyaa said...

Well that happens in life, probably like the tall poppy syndrome to a certain extent.