Saturday, 19 April 2008

Re: [putin answers] about alina kabaeva

Vladimir Putin

In reference to the story James has on Putin, and attempts to post in whole url, lots of pictures and a substantial write up about his alleged dalliances. My comments at Nourishing obscurity are,

Age is but a number, but realistically and long term, if they was to get together, what is the bet it don't last. What has he got that she could possibly want, status! On the other hand she has everything he wants, silly old fart.


CherryPie said...

LOL I love the way you have written this :-)

Older men do always get like that over young women don't they?

Nunyaa said...

Must be a mid-life crisis or something like it, there is 31 years age difference between them, common sense says it will not be forever.

Crushed said...

I agree.

I think if I women is less than 75% of a bloke's age, the gap is too great to be realistic.

jmb said...

Funnily enough I have seen some splendid examples of age differences of 20 years that worked really well. Some started out young, 20s marrying 40s but some started out as 40s marrying 60s (these two were second marriages), the latter are not 60's and 80's and still caring for each other.

That's not to say I would want to do it or see my daughter do it.

Nunyaa said...

Yes I think if one is as young as say 20-25 and there is over 30 year age difference, chances are it wont work . What is someone like Putin looking for, a trophy to hang off? Each to their own but can see why it becomes a talking point.

Semaj Mahgih said...

Being currently in a similar situation, the issue is close to the heart.

I agree with a lot of what is said here but feelings are also a consideration. In hte end I think certain relationships are just not going to work out and it's a pity people need to get hurt along the way.

Nunyaa said...

One can't help the way we feel about someone, we can all kid ourselves but if you feel it from the heart then it has to be real.
This is not directed personally at you James, but I have to ask, what is the fascination older men seem to have with girls so much younger? I couldn't imagine why an older woman would want a guy that much younger. Be a pain in the ass.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Nunyaa, I love the way you wrote about this o the post! I agree with your last comment here.